How to remove your EcoAuto Bullet Antenna

    1. Prepare the necessary tools: Gather a towel, leather belt, or thick rubber material to protect the bullet antenna, as well as a pair of vice grips or pliers.

    2. Wrap the antenna: Place the towel, leather belt, or thick rubber material around the antenna. This will provide grip and prevent any damage during the removal process.

    3. Secure the grip: Use the vice grips or pliers to firmly hold onto the wrapped area of the antenna. Make sure you have a tight grip to ensure stability and control.

    4. Unscrew the antenna: Apply steady force in a counterclockwise direction using the vice grips or pliers. This will loosen the antenna from its threaded connection.

    5. Continue unscrewing: Rotate the antenna until it is completely detached from the base or mounting point. Be cautious not to damage the surrounding components while doing this.